We believe in happily ever afters.


Because every wedding is customized and unique,

partnering with Alayo means different things to different brides. But for each of them, it means partnering with a concierge with more than a decade of experience, a professional that combines a boutique delivery with a down-to-earth approach that will make your wedding day perfect and, most importantly, carefree.

For you, it might mean peace of mind

and knowing that, as you step through those doors and stop at the top of the aisle… in that moment where the music stills and the crowd rises and turns toward you, every pair of eyes glued on you… in that moment where time stands idle… in that moment where your heart is beating so fast you swear you can hear it, we’re your loudest cheerleader, right there on the sidelines, one step ahead, making sure that everything leading up to this moment results in your day coming off without a hitch.

Or it might mean impeccable delivery

and taking comfort in knowing that, after the ceremony of your dreams, as you step onto the dance floor with your spouse… as you fold into each other’s arms for that first dance as husband and wife… as you stare into each other’s eyes and move in perfect stride, the entire day has unfolded beyond your expectations… including anticipating that last-minute surprise (or four!) and ensuring your guests’ dietary restrictions were honored.


An Alayo Event wedding will mean something different to everyone, but we never settle for anything less than perfection, and neither should you.

As New York City’s premier wedding planner

Alayo Events makes happily ever afters happen at each of our events, through diligence and anticipation that can only come with experience. Call us today and let’s have a conversation about how we can become an honorary, humbled member of your “inner-circle” on your wedding day, and contribute our touch of perfection to your happily ever after.