If you are here at our website,

it’s most likely because you are getting ready to celebrate one of the most important occasions in your life,

your wedding.

If so, you are definitely at the right place, and I’m truly happy to say “Hello and Welcome to Alayo Events”.


At Alayo Events, you matter. For us, everything we do is about making your wedding day one of the top five best days of your life. Planners by design, we know when to step in and steer an event one way and when to take a quiet step back and just admire from the sidelines. Whether you see us or not, once you start walking down that aisle and all faces turn to watch you, you’ll know we’re right there with you, in the moment, YOUR moment… it’s all yours.

With over a decade of experience, our team of certified wedding planners has built some of the best connections in New York City, all of them at our disposal to make sure your wedding day happens exactly as you expected. This kind of extensive experience allows us to stay involved with our clients, even after their wedding day. We’re always happy to plan other events for past brides and help with coordination and décor, another of our specialties!

On the surface, our process might look like all of the others… we’ll ask about your dream wedding, your budget, wedding party size and all of those non-negotiable items that will make you dream wedding come true. But more than that, we take the time to get to know you, your wedding party and the people in attendance so that we can anticipate those finer details and address them before they happen – dietary allergies for a bridesmaid, accessibility issues for an uncle, etc.. This makes our approach truly unique, something you’ll notice right away.

And unique is important. Unique means your wedding, décor or event not only belongs to you exclusively, but that it meets and exceeds all of your expectations while keeping friends and family in awe as well. It’s not just about duplicating the latest, trendiest fad with us; it’s about putting your signature on your special day so that it stays with you and your guests for a lifetime… again, something we can only deliver at Alayo by getting to know who you are and what is most important to you as a bride and as a couple.

So, why not connect with us today to set up an initial consultation and let us put our experience to work in helping you build the wedding day of your dreams.