Bridesmaid Dress


A dress, by definition is “a garment for women and girls, consisting of a bodice and skirt in one piece”. Thank you Seems simple, it is just clothing right? But a Bridesmaid dress holds so much power and ushers in a sea of voices clanging together making much noise. There is one choice and it is ultimately yours, the bride. You chose those people giving their suggestions on the dress. The color, the fabric, the style, whether everyone should wear the same dress, or should it be different dresses but the same color and on and on. Here are some tips to help calm the waters and quiet the noise of opinions with out having to say, “ZIP IT!”

Your mom or wiser maternal figure may be whispering in your ear that all the dress should match. From the top of the head to the tip of the toe. The every one is wearing the exact same dress, shoes, hair style and jewelry kind of uniformity. The question then is, uniformity, good or bad? Unless you have won the friend lottery and all of them make the same amount of money, are the same size, same body type and general coloring, then the answer is yes. Yes it is bad. No one wants to spend money on something they do not like, does not fit well, is not comfortable and they will never wear again. We, beautiful women that we are, come in all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and places in life. Bridesmaid attire can be a unique opportunity to celebrate those differences in expression of who we are. No one wants to be that girl everyone is staring at because let's be honest, the dress is that bad. If by some Christmas miracle you can pull this look off and want to, go for it.

The solution sometimes can come with telling your bridesmaids you want a specific color but then letting them pick their own dress. This gives them the freedom to find their own fit. Chances are your bridesmaids have been dressing themselves for a while and can manage this task. If you would like a bit of “control”, find a store that offers multiple options for dresses in the color you would like and send them that way. An excellent option to give controlled freedom.

Feel like a ride on the wild side is just what picking your bridesmaid dresses needs? Great. There is great freedom with what is “acceptable” to do. Getting grandma on board might be another story, but let's not worry about that right now. If you are really daring you can let your bridesmaids pick whatever dresses they want to wear no matter the texture, color, pattern or style. Letting them truly express who they are and what they like. If you are not quite there, that is ok too. Picking dresses to go with a theme or texture is also an excellent option. If the theme to your wedding is vintage, asking all of your bridesmaids to find a vintage dress is a great option and add originality to your day. Perhaps you like sparkly things. Asking your bridesmaids to have some kind of classy sparkle attire would be a reasonable request.

The feeling of being overwhelmed may be creeping in and setting up it's home. Kick it out and start asking for help. We have all seen those really awesome pictures of weddings and want nothing more than to join the ranks. This will ensure that our picture is never featured in some article about wedding fails and it is truly something we want to pleasantly etch in our memories. Going it alone should never be an option. The resources are right at your finger tips. Literally. Grab a buddy, find a wedding planner and get going!