Choosing the right shoe: A foot's best friend part 2


If you are here, you are probably wondering what type of shoe should adorn your feet on your blissful day. In part one to this blog we discussed many of the options that could and should grace your feet on your wedding day.  One of the things that we did not talk about was the option of having custom made bridal shoes. The options for your big day are endless and even if you have made the decision to have a wedding planner you still have choices to make. The goal here is to equip you to easily and successful make the right choice for your feet.


Right about now you might be thinking…


It is too expensive. The thought of custom made bridal shoes may be causing you and your budget to shudder. Have no fear you do not have to pay an arm and a foot for your custom made bridal shoes. They can be much more manageable and better option in the long run.  If you purchase shoes that are made just for you, chances are the shoe will fit like a glove and you will never want to take them off.  The value of comfortable lasting custom made bridal shoes that you do not want to take off, is virtually priceless. At the end of  a blissfully happy day will be exhaustion and hopefully you can keep your feet out of it with a decent pair of shoes.


No one will see my feet anyways. I know we are all thinking it.  Most bridal gowns are floor length with some sort of train as part of it. That is just how it works, right?  This long adornment that you meticulously picked out, naturally covers your feet, making the thought of buying some sort of custom made bridal shoe seem trivial. Look at it this way, your feet are another way to express yourself and take some pretty epic wedding photos. Thank you Pinterest and all those who have come before us for your creativity that we may mimic in you honor. Even though your custom made bridal shoes may not be broadcast for all to see the whole time, does not mean they should be disregarded or any less important than other part of your attire.


What would I do with them after? Well what are you going to do with your wedding dress after? Some choose to do a photo shoot on their one year anniversary trashing their dress, while others choose to preserve their dress for future children or their own memory. Your specially crafted custom made Bridal shoes as opposed to a large ball gown are much easier to find a location to wear. A night on the town, anniversary date night, holiday party, Sunday church service or even a future wedding event for a friend. Even if you are the first of your friends to get married, take heart you will be part of their special day at some point in the future. Take the opportunity to relive your special day in this small way when ever you can by wearing your custom made bridal shoes.


Where do I get these magical, pain free shoes? If you are like my sister and happen to live in Korea, then there is probably some nice little old man who makes shoes on the corner of your street. If this is you walk out your door and go see the man! For the rest of us there are a few reasonable options.

Shoes of Prey  is an awesome website to see and design your shoes online.

Custom wedding shoes  is another online option if you have a bit more financial resources and are looking for a shoe that is a bit loud!

Etsy  is  a resource we love and the options for custom made shoes are virtually endless. Hundreds of shops at your disposal all waiting and hoping to make a pair of shoes just for you.

Local shoe maker.  Can we pause a moment to say just how awesome Google is? Just type in shoe maker in my area and see what you can come up with. Is there anything better than actually talking to a person and knowing you are getting exactly what you want? I think not!


Take care of your feet because they will take care of you! Your shoes are just as important as any other part of your wedding attire. Perhaps slightly more important than some because it's sole job is holding you up your whole big day and carrying you from one wonderful event to another. They may just be shoes, but cherish your feet and put something awesome on them!