Go Viral with Your Wedding

IMG_8242 How do you make a wedding go viral? Weddings happen all the time and we mean ALL. THE. TIME! It is easy to get caught in the sameness of weddings and then feel sad when you see an awesome idea. The "why did I not think of that" kicks in and suddenly your once awesome day is not so awesome. How do we keep that feeling of sub par at bay and have a wedding that goes down in history, possibly going viral, for all to see?

The bar has been set pretty high and pretty low all at the same time.  Awesome choreographed dances , brilliantly edited photos, one of a kind favors we all wish we had. There are also those things we do not want to be remembered for or featured on.  Awkward first kisses, badly choreographed dances, and ugly dresses just to name a few!

Your chances at achieving viral or at least memorable wedding status will increase if you follow these simple steps.

Do your research. Yes I know that you are getting married and not writing a paper. However if you are desiring to achieve the prize of the unforgettable you should probably know what has been done and already been forgotten. Let us also stay away from the, I am so bad I want everyone to forget, kind of things as well. We want to share, watch, repost because it is awesome and not because it is so bad you just can not look away.

Be creative. Right about now you are thinking "duh" of course we have to be creative. However, it is easy to want to do something that no one has done before but when it comes time to actually do it, is a much different story. What in the world is there left that no one has already done? Social media is wonderful, wonderfully awful. Gone are the days of it taking a while to find something out. Ideas, information, inspiration and failures at your virtual finger tips. Always.

Be You. It has been said time and time again, you are the only you. There is no other you and your lovey. No one else has your love story. Use it to draw inspiration to use in your quest for the ultimate idea. In this place where your love story and personalities meet is where your unique one of a kind idea will come from.

Brand it. #Hashtag your way right to the alter.  From the moment that you say yes, make your hashtag and shout it from the roof tops. Use it and have everyone you know use it to keep all the awesomeness in one place. Allowing you to share not only in your memories and experiences but also giving opportunity for others to join you as well.

Hire a professional. Every Wedding Planner, DJ, Videographer, Florist, Photographer and any other service you could hire just said amen! It is super awesome that everyone wants to help! These people are professionals for a reason and they would love to help you achieve your viral status in a good way!

In some small way, each one of us craves that 15 minutes of fame or in todays language, viral web status. How awesome would it be to not only have the best day of your life marrying the love of your life but to be remembered as the best _______ ever?