Choosing the Right Shoes: A Foots Best Friend Part 1

IMG_7151 Your feet are the very foundation of you. No seriously they literally hold you up and take you places all the time.  Hopefully by now most of us have mastered walking, but get to the end of a really long day and this simple task is not so simple any more. Your wedding day is no different, those poor tootsies of yours have to not only hold you all day but do it with graceful excellence. From the moment you step out of bed to the moment you climb back in many, many hours later, your feet will be holding you, supporting you and carrying you. Let’s be honest these are not often qualities we think of our feet.  Choosing the right shoe for your big day is much like choosing a best friend. They must be a good fit, help support you, stay firmly planted through all challenges and be barely noticeable.

The balance of the fashion of the shoe versus the function of the shoe can be challenging. It is so easy to get caught up in the look of the shoe. We are very visual creatures and have all fallen prey to those pretty little pair of shoes. We bought them, brought them home only to find out that although they look really awesome, their fit, not so much. It is something akin to walking with cinder blocks strapped to your feet. Clunky, hard, rigid, super uncomfortable and after wearing them you now know what those poor women who used to have their feet bound must feel like. Bad. Your wedding day is not a day to be stuck with those beautiful but really bad decision shoes.

If you are set on the idea of custom made designer shoes that absolutely, with out a doubt  will go with your dress, go for it. It clearly could be a match made in heaven and you will regret it the rest of your life if you do not get them. Before you purchase them you might want to stay tuned for part 2 of this blog on how and where to get these  perfect shoes.

Whether the shoe you decide on is custom or from a local store, it might be helpful to acquire a second more comfortable pair of shoes.  Practically speaking it is going to be a long day and long night. Walking down the isle, standing for pictures, greeting people, talking to people at the reception and please lets not forget dancing. A second pair of shoes able to stand up to the demand of the night might save you from sore feet to start your honeymoon. Also if we can be real for a moment, no one wants to risk bare feet at the reception and the possibility of a broken toe.

No matter the shoes that you do decide to accompany your beautiful feet, make sure you break them in. Every one knows that you do not want to run a race in a brand new pair of sneakers.  You have to break them in first because no matter how good the shoe is, your foot is not used to it. Slip those puppies on and clean your house, wash the dishes, or CAREFULLY do a few heavier house hold tasks. Much like going on a date, try those shoes on and make sure they treat you really well. They will have to with you on one of the most important days of your life.

Let us not forget your dress fitting. You have chosen your dress and it is, dare I say,  perfect. It was exactly what you always wanted and so much more then you could ever imagine wanting. You have the shoes or perhaps two pairs of shoes depending on your decision making process, so do not forget to bring them to your fitting. The shoes can be down right amazing but if the dress does not fit properly with the shoes, forget it. Trip city or unintentional ankle flashing here we come! You as a bride should look like a puzzle that has been put together expertly.  From the top of your pretty little head to the tip of your pretty little piggy toes. Make sure you put all the pieces together.