One Shoe, Two Shoe, Red Shoe, Blue Shoe

IMG_7556 Shoes. We already covered the awesome shoe choices for the Bride but incase we have all forgotten she is not the only person that will be needing shoes for the big day. The Bridesmaids. The awesome people that you have decided would be perfect to share in your wedding day. They are important people and so are their feet.  They think so too and do not be alarmed when the questions start coming and are endless.  It is best to be prepared so here are some tips and tricks to picking just the right shoes.


  1. Keep your cool they really are not trying to kill you. What kind of shoes are we wearing? What color are they? Where do we have to go get them? Are we allowed to pick our own shoes? Are we all going to wearing the same shoes? You love your bridesmaids and they really do know that you are planning a wedding, but, they want to know all their stuff as well. They really are not doing it to stress you out they just want to be as prepared as possible in order to adequately play their part in your special day.



  1. The shoes do not matter but the person wearing them does. I know that sounds a bit extreme but it is really meant to keep things in perspective. It is easy to take control over any and all the areas that you can, holding tight and fighting not to let go. Inevitably there will parts of the planning process that no one can see but you that seem to be spiraling out of control that bring you to this desperation in the planning process. Please be kind and do not let shoes be one of those areas where bridezilla tendencies threaten to emerge. Think of those girls that you love and make your shoe plan with them in mind.



  1. Your Bridemaids want to fit in and stand out. Floor length, tea length, knee length, varying lengths, no matter what length the dress is the shoes still matter, to your bridesmaids anyways. They want to look the best they possibly can, while holding their own style, meeting your standards and just trying to be comfortable. No one wants to have aching feet and no one has the same feet as someone else. Expecting them all to wear the same shoe might be slightly unrealistic. Choosing a common theme like color, store, open toe, closed toe, formal, or  casual are just the start. This way your ladies have the opportunity to choose shoes that can sustain them all day and dance the night away with out changing shoes.



4.We have to pay what? Weddings are expensive and it seems that being a part of a wedding can feel as though it is a never ending out pouring of your personal funds. If all your bridesmaids are millionaires, please gives us their names so that we too may use their endless resources in our big day. If by chance this is not the case, which let’s be honest it probably is not, then be kind and remember how much they want to be part of your big day and not go broke in the process.



The shoes for your bridesmaids are just a small detail in the whole picture of your day. The balance of importance, quality and the people in your day can be tricky but you are up to the task. After all the whole reason for getting married is not actually the wedding (ceremony, reception) but sharing with those that you love the day you get to marry the person you love. That is what everyone will remember.