Pinterest: So Good it can be Bad


Pinterest. This is the place that many of us turn to these days to find ideas, inspiration, direction and organization. However, that very word can make your heart soar and your brain shut down with anxiety. Simultaneously. It really is a modern marvel.

Today is a day when the sky is the limit, the ideas are endless and so are the opinions. Some people have chosen to buck the traditional and march to the beat of their own drum, making their special day a continuation of their self expression. Others try to take tradition and throw a modern twist on it, while desperately trying to not give Grandma a heart attack. It is their special day right and not Grandmas? This leaves those that don't really know what they want wandering around Pinterest like a kid in a toy store frantically pinning everything that looks appealing. We have all done it. Pinning with intent of completion.

This is not to say anything negative about Pinterest. The truth, it is really amazing and we are all secretly wishing we had thought of it. It is like every recipe book, scrap book, and magazine all rolled into one, on steroids and organizable. If you don't have an account, it truly is a must. However, when using an awesome tool there should be guidelines.

Pinning without a purpose

Just don't do it. It is a bad, horrible, awful idea. It will confuse your vision, cloud your judgement and make time disappear like the greatest magic trick you have ever seen. Pins know no limits and ideas are endless. One minute you can be looking at center pieces and the next wandering around aimlessly on a webpage of meme's for your favorite movie. Wondering how in the world you got there. Simply put, when pinning, try to pin only things that you will actually use or do. Try to stick to themes and categories.

The lost pin

Let us touch on organization. We have all lost a pin. Inevitably it is one that you really liked and now it is gone. Lost to the disorganization of your Pinterest boards. You are then forced to go through every board and pin trying to find the one that you were first looking for. Whether you choose to keep a board public or secret is up to you. Use specific item titles for your boards and write notes on why you pinned or liked it. Steer away from generic names such as wedding stuff, wedding ideas, dreams, stuff we should do and so on. This is your chance to put every idea and desire into a category so that it is easy for you to find later. Specific board names such as bridesmaid dresses, center pieces, honeymoon ideas, invitations, color ideas, flowers, seating cards, and guest list how to are just the start.

Pins sent from friends and family

Friends are great and so is family. That is why they are in our lives. They love you and are some how invested in you. However, one needs to beware of pins sent from friends and family. They were probably thinking of you. They had really great intentions of helping you with your big day. They were randomly scrolling on a webpage and thought of you. The reasons are all well and good as to why they are sending you what they thought was an amazing idea. Whatever it was, just stand guard. It will for the most part leave you with more options than you needed to begin with, going off in the wrong direction from your vision, and ultimately trying to please one more person. It is bad. Emotions are high here for everyone and everyone wants the best. It is probably best to leave the suggestions to the experts.

Pin fail

I would be remiss if we did not address the epic pin fail. The pin looked great. It fit every need that you were looking to fill. You gathered the supplies, set aside the time and followed the instructions to a fault. It failed. Not only did it fail, but it did so amazingly that you are dumb founded. Marching back over to the pin. Pouring over the details, wondering much like a bad date, who went wrong where. How you ended up there to begin with and how in the world did they get the picture to look like that. Yours was nowhere close.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for virtually anything you want to do, from home organization to planning an event. In fact is it so good it can be bad. Making your planning experience unpleasant, stressful and unsuccessful. For the many things Pinterest is, it is not a replacement for a Event Planner. Pinterest can be an opportunity to gather ideas and gain inspiration so that you can accurately explain what you want. With Pinterest you have to go find your idea and search different things to gain inspiration. An Event Planner is there to know you, to talk with you and make it easy. It is easier to ask a person a question, to have a conversation and connect with someone. Your Event Planner isn't Pinterest. They are better.

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