Why Hire a Makeup Artist

Makeup. Do you really have to wear it on your wedding day? The answer is yes. Your pictures depend on it. For some brides this is a moment of excitement. The chance to have special makeup, something they already enjoy, done for their wedding is nothing but excitement. For other brides, the very thought of makeup may make them rethink this marriage thing all together.  Dreading or excited there is a makeup artist out there waiting for you.We had the opportunity to speak with an experienced and talented makeup artist. The purpose? To help you make a very important decision of hiring of a makeup artist. We had the pleasure of speaking with Victoria, a licensed esthetician and owner of 3D Looks Makeup Artistry and Skin Care in New Jersey on why you should hire a makeup artist. One look at Victoria's webpage, Instagram, or Facebook and you can see that not only is her artistry skill flawless but she is passionate about a person as a whole, not just their face. Concerned with not covering up what you have, but enhancing what you have been given and getting to see you enjoy the process of transformation. Often times boosting your self esteem and view of  the beauty you already possessed. Throughout her work, she is seen to have a natural and timeless style in her approach to doing makeup. Victoria is thoroughly committed to the use of quality products that will enhance and enrich skin.

Now that you know how awesome she is, we are so excited to share her wisdom with you!

Makeup Trial

Whether you are a bride that is excited about makeup for your wedding day or dreading it, the best place for you to start is with a trial run of the makeup with the makeup artist. With the world at our finger tips it is easy to find different looks that might be appealing to you. Gather those pictures, pin those pins, and come to your trial armed with things that you like if you have found them. The makeup artist will work with you, your photos and your skin to create a look that works just for you.

If you don't know what you want or where to look that is ok. Victoria let us know, " For the bride that does not know what she wants I will start asking her questions. The goal is to get to know the bride better so I can assess her style. I will ask about certain things so that I know where to start.  Questions like, what are your bridal colors? What does your bouquet look like? What kind of dress did you purchase? Your answers to these questions can tell me if you are a more natural/subtle look or if bolder choices will be the right ones for you".


Trend or style?

As you are looking for or perhaps come across by accident, makeup looks for your wedding day, it is easy to get overwhelmed and wander in the wrong direction. There is a difference between a makeup trend and the style of the makeup artist. In choosing a makeup artist Victoria says, "look at the makeup artists work. Is the their work consistent over the years? If it is then you can look at the pictures and confidently decide that the makeup they do is a style and not just the latest trend. Keyvn Aucion created a look many years ago that is still being used today. That was his style and it is one that is timeless and elegant.  A look that you can not go wrong with.  If a client wants to be heavily contoured and highlighted, two things that have emerged again in popularity but been around for years, I would ask them why they want this look? I would then advise them on reasons why faces are contoured and highlighted and based on the features of their face , will determined if there is a need. For some this look is a good match and for others it may not be the best approach." Victoria also kindly reminded us, on this quest to have the right look for the big day, "As with all things, when in doubt always go back to the basics".


Sensitive skin?

Are you concerned that you have sensitive skin? No one wants a major break out before the big day, cue nightmares and flashbacks of your teenage years.  Victoria is a licensed esthetician and is able to educate those in need on how and what to use on their face. with her skill extending beyond just makeup, she will help you figure out if your skin is sensitive or if  perhaps you have just been using the wrong products for your skin. Victoria walked us through some of the things she does for determining and working with sensitive skin. " I will start by asking the person how they know they have sensitive skin. If it is an allergy then finding products that work with their face is different because they are reacting to something. We will work together to figure out what they are using and what is causing it. We use only hypoallergenic products that help enrich the skin." Quality products with a minimal chance of reaction, need we say more.

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When should you do a trial?

We asked Victoria when a trial should be done. "Rule of thumb used to be that the trial should be done at 3 months before your wedding. Now everyone is doing engagement photo shoots. This can also be a good time to shop around find a good make artist and do your trial for your engagement photo session. However if the session is done a year in advance colors might change so there is can be a little bit of challenge in finding color. A professional artist should have a variety of colors on hand when you come in for your wedding makeup, just in case you color changes. If the bride is picky, 3 months is too short of a time frame to do the trial. It may take a bit of time to create just the right look for her."

We loved being able to speak with Victoria. She is a wealth of knowledge, a bundle of excitement and a very talented artist. If you are looking for an epic makeup artist, we highly recommend this beautiful soul. You don't have to take our word or hers, her pictures speak for themselves.

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*All images compliments of www.3dlooksmakeup.com *

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