Wedding Colors: The Good and The Bad


Have you ever gone to a wedding and the whole time you were sitting there you kept muttering to yourself, “what in the world were they thinking”? Be honest we have all done it. The program was photo copied and you couldn't read all the words. The bridesmaid dresses were so bright surely you would be blinded from the color. The flowers didn't seem to match. It was too hot. It was too cold. It was boring. The ring bearer was a dog and it ran away. There were too may colors. The colors didn't match anything in the place where the event was taking place. What ever it was that you noticed, it was all just bad. Colors like it or not are an important and influential part of your special day. If they are done correctly they can accentuate and if done poorly can take away from the main event.

I remember being a small girl dreaming of my own wedding. It was going to be in a palace, my prince was coming on a white horse and we were going to ride off in a sparkling carriage. Can you tell that I was very into Cinderella? Those things aside I knew that my wedding colors would be pink and white. Well pink and white polka dots that is. In fact everything was going to be pink and white polka dots. The floor, the chairs, the ceiling, the table clothes and especially my bridesmaid dresses. Little did I know in my little girl naivete that my guests would be so distracted by the polka dots they would probably miss me coming down the isle to wed my prince.

Too many colors is bad. I may have been way off with the polka dots but I did get something right. I had picked two colors. I do not think anyone ever told me I could only have two colors but some where in the recesses of my brain I know that simplicity was sweet. Colors should not distract from your big day but rather accentuate it. Picking a few colors, balancing between bolds and neutrals, with there being as many as four colors should help stay away from the too many colors thing. We don't want anyone walking away from your big day with a killer migraine.

How about colors that don't go with the season? Have you ever been to a wedding that was held in December but their colors were bright orange? Like you have entered a construction site, caution danger ahead, orange. Probably not. Using the season as a guide post for the colors that you choose helps to save a head ache or two. Before you worry about having the same color as everyone else who is married in December, don't. If your wedding is around Christmas time and you are dying to be original, red does not have to be your color. Look to nature to help inspire you for a season appropriate colors. Browns, whites, off whites, blues, purples, creams (yes this is different than off white) blacks, reds, maroons, and many more are all excellent options for this occasion. This is also a perfect time to consult your Pinterest boards looking for inspiration from other people who have pulled off a unique winter wedding. This translates to any season in which your big day takes place.

Remember your style. Much like going to the store and trying to buy something you normally wouldn't buy, something that is not your style. It can be one of two things. A raging success or epic flop. If there is one thing that we are experts on, it is ourselves. Look to your own style as a start. Are your clothes funky or traditional? Do you enjoy bold and vibrant colors or do you look to earth tones? What about your partner? Your day should be a reflection of you. Why should your colors be any different?

Texture and pattern can help mix it up. Often when it comes to picking colors we think, ok I have my two colors and that is all I can use. This is where having a wedding planner is a must. Did you know you can mix and match colors, textures and patterns. If done correctly it can look like one of those weddings you only dream of and can watch on T.V. If done poorly, it can look like a 3 year old that tried to dress themselves. Throwing together and putting on all the things they love dearly. Texture and patterns are told bold ways to add a unique flair to what can become boring and already done.

Coordinating is good, matchy match is bad. At that statement we have all pictured identical twins wearing the exact same outfit or that horrible family picture where everyone is wearing the same terrible sweater. Etched in to our brains, we have all seen matchy match and prefer to stay as far away as possible. Whatever colors that you pick have them running as an over all theme to your day. Invitations, programs, seating cards, escort cards, thank-you's, center pieces, linens, dresses anything that has color should coordinate with each other. Complimenting and accentuating each other. Your colors should be like a story, starting with invitations and ending with the thank-you's.