Why an Event Coordinator is so Important: A follow up to Pinterest

Why an Wedding Event Coordinator is so important: A follow up to Pinterest Wedding Ideas Pinterest

The question has been popped and you said yes. Now that the whirlwind of those first few moment of chaos and excitement have ended you may be tempted to turn to friends, family and your beloved Pinterest boards. Using these resources for inspiration, direction and information is normal but before you do, don't forget those people that have devoted their lives to making special days happen to perfection. This person is a Wedding Event Coordinator.

So why it is so important to have a  Wedding Event Coordinator?

A Wedding Event Coordinator is an invaluable resource.

Yes, they cost money so there really is a monetary value to them but you know what I mean. Their skill set is what we are talking about and it is much like reaching expert status at your favorite game. We all know the hours that have been lost to the saga of candy and the flinging of birds, but in the end you know exactly how to navigate your way through all the obstacles. Just the right place to fling you bird to yield a successful knocking over and smooshing of the pig. A Wedding Event Coordinator is the same, having expertly navigated every single scenario and obstacle to achieve success.

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Pinterest is not a substitute for a Wedding Event Coordinator but an amazing addition. This person is a professional. They have knowledge, experience and expertise in planning an event. They have dedicated their lives and profession to helping others achieve their perfect day. Committed to make it all about you and your needs.

Not a random well meaning pin.

A Wedding Event Coordinator is not one of those random pin sending friends and family members. Picture a superhero coming in to save the day and you have a pretty accurate description of your Wedding Event Coordinator. On a mission to provide direction, ideas, knowledge and unbiased decision making abilities. Navigating the waters between you and your friends and family. Keeping chances of discord among family and friends at a minimal risk. Planning an event can take a lot of time and life is busy as it is. Having this trusted individual to take care of the details so that you can enjoy the event and keep living your life is priceless.

Organizing an event is hard.

Like really super duper hard. Our inner excited 5 year old is threatening to come out at virtually any moment. Creating vision while trying to channel all that pent up energy and excitement into appropriate event planning tasks is difficult. Really, really difficult. Enter random pinning, much like a child on a sugar high, which leads to sprinting around Pinterest sporadically and hours disappearing into thin air. A Wedding Event coordinator is here to save the day. Making your vision a reality, honing your energy and producing an event that shows your every expression.

Pin fails are no longer a risk.

A Wedding Event Coordinator knows all there is to know about planning an event. They have spent time knowing what colors go well with other colors. The proper accents to use in your venue to go with your theme. How to keep with in your budget. Finding vendors that are trustworthy is no longer a problem. Your Coordinator has spent time getting to know them and forming a relationship so you don't have to. Your pins are no longer a problem because they know someone that can make it happen. Pin fail no more.

The journey to your day should be enjoyable, fun and an experience you will remember for the rest of time because of good reasons. Not unpleasant memories which years later still bring bouts of anxiety and regrets. A Wedding Event Coordinator and the endless limits of Pinterest should make for the best combination known to man. Using your ideas, desires, interests, vision and turning it into a perfect mixture yielding success people will be talking about for years to come.

We all want to make a mark, be distinct and one of a kind. This is your time. Use all your resources.