You are Engaged! Now What?


It has happened. Your perfect, dreamy, one of a kind guy has asked and you said...YES! It was far more than you could have ever hoped or dreamed it would be. Perfection. Now the big question, other than the one he already asked, we all know that is the BIG question. The what do we do now question. That is the one that we are talking about. Here are 10 things you should do after your lovey pops the question.

  1. Breathe. No seriously take a deep long breathe. You were probably holding it while your special fella was getting on one knee and going through with his master plan. Holding your breathe is your body's natural response to shock. Now this was good shock but it was shock none the less. So lets just take a breath.IMG_7525

  1. Enjoy the moment. Whether this was a complete surprise or you and your honey went to the store to pick out the ring, enjoy this moment. Give each other a nice long hug and savor this special time. This moment won't happen again with your honey, you only get one engagement. If your honey set up a special something for you, really take the time to appreciate everything he did. Take a selfie or if you have a photographer there capturing your special moment than you are all set.IMG_7526

  2. Call your Parents. Now that you have taken a breath and enjoyed your special moment, you may now scream your excitement. Pick up that phone and call your parents. Tell them your good news. After you call then you can text them a picture of your beautiful ring.


  3. Pick your date. When is this glorious day going to happen? Have you always dreamed of a spring wedding? Did you envision your wedding pictures with snow falling in the back ground? Is there a date that already has special meaning to you? Decide when you would like to have your wedding.IMG_7528

  4. Make your budget. This may sound sill that it is high on the list of things to do first. It is important to know how much you are going to spend on your wedding. This will dictate everything. Where you can have your wedding. How many people you can invite. How much you can spend on all the details.IMG_7536

  5. Pick your Venue. Where is this puppy going to take place? Now that you know when you want your special day to happen and how much it can cost, you can pick the where. Keep in mind all the people you want to join with you in your special day and if they will be traveling. Pick a location that meets as many of your needs as you can.IMG_7537

  1. Hire a wedding planner. We all want the perfect day. Why not hire someone that can make that happen? This time is fun, exciting and stressful. This is a season that should be enjoyed and not just survived. Put your special day in the hands of the experts and let them go to town while you head to the spa or get a manicure or take a nap.IMG_7538

  1. Engagement photo shoot. If you didn't have a professional photographer there on the day your lovey popped the question, this is something you will want to schedule and do. The selfie that you took to commemorate your special moment, although very special, does not replace a professional. These are pictures that can be used for favors, announcements, invitations and special memories in your home.IMG_7539

  1. Make is Facebook official. Don't forget to change your relationship status on Facebook! Yes, I know we aren't in high school anymore and I am not talking about rubbing it in anyones face. But this is the easiest and most practical way to let all your friends know about the big thing happening in your life. YOUR ENGAGEMENT! Take a photo from your engagement photo shoot and make an announcement for your profile picture.IMG_7541

  1. Make a wedding website. Every one is going to want to know all the details about everything that you are doing. Create a space where they can go and look with out having to ask you a million questions. This is a place to put your engagement photos, write out your proposal story, and add all the details for your upcoming day.IMG_7532